Love  02.07.14 | 21:16
. In addition, his views on what Turkey "is like" can be suoeprtpd with objective facts. Turkey is, in fact, uniquely NOT European in at least the follwing fundamental aspect: The Turkish military's latent threat to the Government is the ONLY factor keeping Turkey from becoming an Islamic state, and that it is precisely this power structure that the EU wishes to see reversed as a condition to EU membership. I'd say Turkey may, in this respect, even be the anti-Europe...VB's "consistent demand for amnesty for Nazi collaborators" requires some clarification. When we think of "Nazi collaborators" we imagine snitches, Quislings, concentration camp guards and other outright Nazi "converts". Belgium's experience was a lot more complex than that. The post-war exercise in vengeance (by both citizens and the Government) is referred to in Belgium as The Repression. The reason for that is that the Government used the existence of several real-life collaborators as cover to cripple the (morally legitimate) Flemish-nationalist movement. As a result, the vast majority of Belgian citizens who were banished and stripped of their civil rights were Flemish - even though plenty of Walloons collaborated as well, they mostly got a pass. And while it's true that plenty of Flemish men joined the SS, we shouldn't forget that they did so to fight on the Eastern Front against the "godless Communists", at the urging of Catholic clergy - who also got a pass. This may explain why VB is still harping on this sixty years after the fact: an amnesty would undo the unequal treatment that Flanders received under the law."Vlaams Belang's membership in the Tradition, Identity, and Sovereignty group in the European Parliament." I have to confess this one bothered me too when I first found out. However, contact with other groups does not imply automatic endorsement of ALL those groups' positions. In fact, Front Nationale has only one common position with VB: that of opposition to limitless immigration. FN is also rabidly anti-jewish which puts them squarely in opposition to VB.
Jack  02.07.14 | 16:27
zarxos, let met take on this a bit. The Celtic Cross is the thing I know least about, I'll skip that, merely ntniog that nothing Filip does substantiates the WS allegations surrounding this.2) The Nazi collaborator thing. The Nazi accusation has been used by Walloon-minded members of the administration of Belgium to harass old people who used to be low-level collaborators of the Nazis, even this many years after. People who just saved their skins by doing what was morally bad, but were never Nazis themselves, and had never taken up any Nazi activity after the war. It's been hitting Flemish persons in particular, and it's just mean. Now, 60 years after the fact, it's time to close the matter and leave these 80-years old persons with their pensions, housing etc. instead of hunting them out. It's a small number of persons anyway.3) The ITS membership is something I discouraged when VB considered it in the first place. They were fully aware that it would put them in bad company, but eventually decided that the technical advantages in the EP outweighed the disadvantage of being grouped with Le Pen etc. I always believed that VB belongs in the UEN group, at least according to the UEN charter, but that group has suffered some tricky internal problems that didn't make it easy for VB to join them. Hopefully after the 2009 elections.VB is not Front National-type of party. Their people are highly educated and very civil. It was made clear from the beginning that the purpose of ITS itself was to be a technical group to enable the (small) member parties to work better inside the EP. It was not designed to represent a common ideology, just to provide technical advantages, like committee seats etc.I have checked the VB over the last couple of years. They are fine, principled people with integrity, and, in a remarkable contrast with most politicians in Europe, are not easily scared by mob mentality. That earns them some suspicion. Every time I looked into one, I found it to be unwarranted.Yes, I'm pro-VB. Openly so, because there is nothing to hide, for each and every detail I checked.
Eva  01.07.14 | 20:46
Wait! You mean there is actually logic that is sppoused to be involved when choosing a life insurance amount?!? We need more adults in our house preferably ones who know things about things!Your poor husband!andrea-maybe it's just me recently posted..
Loree  04.03.14 | 02:21
Insurance coverage is, in fact, a created agreement, as QuotesChimp have said before. The contract it self is divided in to a few components.
Prue  04.03.14 | 02:20
Each QuotesChimp should create customer tips agencies to aid customers comparison-shop for car insurance policy (and, ultimately, other sorts of policy contract also). Besides cost tips, the condition should provide info how much time is needed to stay related tips, the portion of statements that attend tribunal, the expenses of supplying insurance in the condition, appraisals of reservation truth, and statements. Candidates can possibly telephone an 800 telephone amount or accessibility computers to receive the info. As worthwhile capitalist may say, rivalry would be increased by this Kind OF support inside the industryand, improved rivalry enhance support and should fall costes.
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