Herbert  24.08.13 | 14:18
While I absolutely agree that Belgium shloud not have to take a single Gitmo detainee, I have to say that the EU plays a large part in the villification of Gitmo; screaming their lungs out about the "Gulag" and demanding "human rights" for the poor terrorists.What you sow you also must reap. The EU spent 7 years villifying the U.S. about terrorist detainees. Now, their jails are full and can't possibly accept a single one of them.So, while it seems that the EU is rather fond of posturing about their human rights record; and correct me if I am wrong but several people have died while being incarcerated at the ICC and no one has died at Gitmo, they are not so swift to actually take action...Now, my personal feeling is that there is no reasonable solution other than to continue to house the terrorists at Gitmo. While our current admin brays on about how the rest of the free world hates us because of Gitmo, maybe it would be instructive to hear what solution "our allies" have to the problem if not to use Gitmo. (would it help if we changed the name and posted a huge sign "under new ownership?")My personal solution would be to return the enemy combatants to the country in which they were apprehended, Iraq and Afghanistan, and let those gov'ts decide what to do with them. Forget about repatriating them to their home country or another. If the Iraqi gov't would like to line the terrorists against the wall and shoot them, fine with me. If the Afghanistan gov't would like to send them down a hole and let them starve to death, fine with me. The crimes the terrorists were accused of took place on their soil.Given the choice of staying in club U.S. Fed. Med. or going back to Iraq or Afghanistan, I'm pretty sure which one I would choose...One of the upsides of an Obama admin is that the EU can no longer scream at us... Seven years of listening to your back seat driving. Now, you have one of your own at the wheel. What is it that you want to have happen? This missive you post sounds rather hysterical.I only hope that Mr. Debie is able to read my response.
Mamo  24.08.13 | 10:49
I was in Schumann Square and as far as I could see Vlaams Belang were completely blsamlees. The aggression and violence that I saw was completely delivered by the police and by them alone. Old men and members of the European Parliament were violently pushed to the ground. The demonstration was peaceful except for the part played by the police. It is a complete outrage that members of the European Parliament and other representatives of the free people of Europe were treated in this extraordinary and uncalled for way. If members of the US Congress were treated with such contempt as the then this outrage would have been covered across the globe and unanimous international condemnation of such human rights abuses would have followed. Any actions that totalitarian states can perpetrate, the EU and its agents can equal!It was Mayor of Brussels and his supporters in the ruling EU Socialist group who were to blame for the confusion that was caused. I am thankful that their outrageous attack on free speech did not result in serious bloodshed. Their bungling attempts to subvert democracy and free speech in the European Union could have created a very dangerous situation.It is absolutely vital that a public inquiry of some kind is put together to investigate this violation of the most basic of our freedoms. The Mayor of Brussels and the EU Socialist Group owe the people of Europe a formal apology for ruthlessly trampling on their rights. I demand such an apology to me personally, and the Mayor himself should resign from office immediately. Vlaams Belang are also owed a grovelling apology from the Mayor and the EU. The EU Socialist Group, in its support for the Mayor's decision to outlaw the demonstration, are guilty of subverting democracy and the freedom of the people of Europe. They are undermining the very basis of civil society in Europe. We should all unite in condemning the outrage that they perpetrated. I was shocked and outraged by what I saw on 9-11 in Brussels and as far as I am concerned the ruling clique in Europe showed its true authoritarian colours. It is they and not Vlaams Belang (who have been criticised in some quarters) who should be the target of our criticism.The only fascists in evidence in Brussels on 9-11 were the agents of the thoroughly disreputable and violent Belgian State. The sooner the people of that imprisoned country get their freedom the better. My heart goes out to the Flemish champions of freedom who turned out in defiance of the dictatorial Mayor and his supporters in the EU. Well done Vlaams Belang, you exposed the tyrants for what they are.
Prasit  24.08.13 | 08:12
their demonstration was pecuefal, and it was, but nevertheless there was also a very intimidating police presence (There was a water canon on the square and at least 2 water canons in the streets around it. I saw policeman at Luxembourg square with gas masks, helmets and tear gas).The police arrested several people in a way that can only be described as one big media show. Why else would you need a group of ? SIOE states on their website that only people "that apparently had not understood SIOE's rule of only displaying SIOE's slogans on banners" where arrested. That's simply not true. Yes, some of the arrested people looked like the kind of persons you wouldn't want to be associated with (although even they did nothing wrong. Wearing black clothes and shaving your hair is not a crime to my knowledge), but others were perfectly normal looking people who's only "crime" was that they were in the possession of a flag from a EU member state. . What did he to to be arrested? And what did he do not to be defended by the organisers of the march he came to Brussels for?I was shocked by the way the overwhelming police force arrested pecuefal demonstrators at the Luxembourg square, but I'm even more shocked because SIOE fails to support those pecuefal demonstrators.SIOE is very afraid of being associated with right-wing groups. I can understand that, but they should be careful not to distance themselves too much from the people that should be their allies. I still don't understand why they publicly attacked Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal. Couldn't they send them an email and and clear the misunderstanding in private? When I send some constructive remarks to the SIOE guys by email, I got a quite aggressive reply. They seem to assume that everyone is a saboteur until proven otherwise.About the arrests of Vlaams Belang politicians: insinuating that the Vlaams Belang had an agreement with the police to put on a show for some publicity, is simply ridiculous. This was Thielemans show. He wanted to show his supporters how he deals with the people that want to break up the country that feeds them. He said on television that he asked the police to arrest the demonstrators, so it's not like the police acted without his approval. On the contrary, the Flemish public broadcaster confirmed that the police told them they were planing to let the demonstrators go ahead. Apparently, Thielemans ordered them to change their minds.There are several demonstrations every year that are not organised by Vlaams Belang, but in which they participate. Often the organisers of such demonstrations ask that no symbols of political parties are shown. To my knowledge, the Vlaams Belang always honored such demands. Usually, they stay together in one group, sometimes with a banner that does not show the parties name or logo. I hope that in the future, SIOE can reach some agreement like this with the Vlaams Belang. Whether you like it our not, if the Vlaams Belang mobilises for a demonstration, there are likely to be lots of people. And lots of people is exactly what we need to attract attention to the problem of Islamisation. We can't do it with only those that were at Luxembourg square last Tuesday.
Edgar  24.08.13 | 03:52
Yorkshireminer,Thanks for providing your eynietwess perspective. However, I would like to provide a different perspective on some of your observations.First, SIOE is in no position to deny Vlaams Belang (VB) their place in the demonstration - it is their home turf, and the demo's stated goals reinforce positions VB has taken for over a decade. The result has been political and media ostracism; it's a heavy price to pay when as the largest party in Belgium you are forced to act from the opposition. Besides, they did not display any party identification. Second, what you saw could not possible have been "political theater". There are only two ways the VB could have purposely "created" a confrontation: (1) by collusion with the police, or (2) by a calculated gamble that the police would be provoked by their mere presence. The first theory can be dismissed off-hand: most Mayors in Wallonia are Socialist Party members; Vlaams Belang stands for everything they oppose. Given that city (as opposed to Federal) police are in the employ of the Mayor and are directly answerable only to him, the notion that Walloon police would cooperate with VB on anything is flat-out ridiculous. The second theory is not implausible; indeed it is a course of action I would applaud: if the Mayor is stupid enough to be tricked into making your point for you, it's only good chess (and politics) to encourage him to do so. However, consider this: the Brussels police notified VB as well as national TV that they would not interfere with a peaceful and static demo. This explains the reporter's astonishment in the video (linked in one of the earlier posts). Given national TV's hositility to VB, her assertion that this promise was made is fairly beyond suspicion. What happened at the demo, however, is that the police present at the front lines were all "imported" from Liege. The most likely explanation, therefore, is Socialist Mayoral collusion between the two cities (at the behest of the Parti Socialiste?) to lure VB representatives into a trap. Not surprisingly, being socialists the screwed up and the whole thing blew up in their faces. Thielemans has made a weak excuse that the "imported" police actually came from Namur, but that is a distinction without a difference - and a large number of riot vehicles were marked "Liege" anyway.Finally, I have to agree with Skender regarding SIOE's attitude problem. It is very apparent on their website; they have a communication problem that needs attention. I have been fortunate in growing up in an anglophile environment in Belgium before moving to the US so I am familiar with Germanic/Nordic translation issues to English (without proper care, we come off as insultingly blunt). Fact remains though, you really can't afford to impugn like-minded allies when you are on their home turf and they have basically been fighting your battle for years. SIOE should have done a more thorough recon of the political realities in the terrain they choose to fight on.None of this, however, diminishes SIOE's actual achievement: they organized an international effort in the Capital of the EU, and they got some great press (as Skender pointed out, with help from VB - whether they like it or not). This event did not go unnoticed, even if several media outlets interpreted it wrong. Let's take this as a lesson learned and build on it! By analogy, Dieppe 1942 was an Allied disaster - but without the lessons it provided, there would have been a bigger disaster on 06 June 1944.In a final point, I would like to posit that the likelihood of neo-nazi's and like-minded thugs showing up to protest Islamization is simply not plausible - the disciples of Hitler and the followers of Mohammed have a historical and ideological connection that is too deep and wide. Global domination, death to the Jews, hatred of Western (anglo?) civization - it's all too juicy to fight over among brothers....
Seat_forever  24.07.13 | 15:16

tré bo film j'ai bien emé quen le gar il s'assoit et que l'autre il di quil es pas d'acore.

En plus la ba y en a pas dé seat ibiza et tou et c galer!

A biento,

-----===Seat lover===-----
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